About us

Co-founded by Phill Speed, CEO, and Professor Rob Young, Chief Scientific Officer and Royal Society Research Fellow, Quantum Base Ltd span-out from Lancaster University in 2013. Quantum Base has invented, developed and patented a portfolio of unbreakable nanoscale quantum security devices – our Quantum IDs or Q-IDs-that are simple, scalable, small and cheap.

Our patented product range is driven from our development of the world’s first nanoscale quantum physically unclonable functions (PUF’s), both Optical (OPUF) and Electronic (EPUF) versions, and our simple quantum random number generator (Q-RAND). We have a further six products in patent pending, founded on our scientific research in quantum physics.

Our Quantum PUFs allow absolute security without the need for large-scale computations, and the present day accompanying infrastructure and processing requirements.

Our commitment to scientific discovery underpins the R&D of our architectural level hardware products, using off-the-shelf equipment, operating at room temperature. Our Research Team is backed financially by The Royal Society, GCHQ, and the U.S. Air Force, and is published in leading scientific journals, such as Nature.

Our products solve the cost, complexity, power and size issues associated with current quantum security solutions.

Our solutions are built on the fact current security devices on the market base their signatures upon classical macroscopic physics; ours are dominated by quantum mechanics. The difference: due to the quantum nature of the device and no reliance on keys, attacks such as cloning, copying and simulating are not feasible.