Black Friday and Counterfeit Products

The Problem

Originating in America, but now becoming commonplace worldwide, Black Friday takes place the day after the US holiday Thanksgiving and offers consumers deals on a range of products from electricals to clothing. However, in recent years deals have spanned across the whole month of November, and, as deals have grown, sadly so have the counterfeit products.

In fact, in 2022 hundreds of counterfeit listings were pulled from Instagram ahead of Black Friday in a joint crackdown by Meta and Trading Standards. 

While the majority of consumers will unknowingly purchase counterfeits, polls have shown that over a quarter of UK shoppers ‘are considering or intending to buy fake products.’

Whether bought knowingly or not, fake products can severely harm a brand’s profits, not to mention their reputation as poor quality dupes enter the marketplace. Worse still, counterfeit products can cause serious harm to consumers. Recent Home Office statistics show that 10 UK house fires a day were caused by faulty appliances and leads. Meanwhile, counterfeit pharmaceuticals are responsible for an annual death toll of over 1 million people annually (World Health Organization, 2019).

While the aforementioned take down of these counterfeit listings by Meta and Trading Standards can only be a good thing, there are hundreds, if not thousands more, that go under the radar and are bought by consumers. As Black Friday and the Christmas season looms, these counterfeits are only expected to rise, putting both brands and consumers at risk. So, what is the solution?

Q-ID demonstration screenshot

The Solution

At Quantum Base, we understand the global demand from both brands and consumers for an unbreakable anti-counterfeit solution, so we have developed just that. 

Our Q-ID® Optical QR codes harness the power of quantum technology. Thanks to the inherent randomness of the quantum materials which we embed in each code, our QR codes differ at the micro-level, making them impossible to copy, clone or fake. As a result of this randomness, we can produce billions of unique “quantum fingerprint” QR codes to provide individual unique identities down to individual product level – ideal for global trace and trace capabilities, as well as defeating counterfeiters. 

Manufactured at extremely low costs, our Q-ID® codes can be integrated into existing manufacturing process with ease and their flexible design means they can fit onto any packaging. From pharmaceutical to apparel, cosmetics to FMCG, our anti-counterfeiting solution is already putting a stop to counterfeiting across a range of industries.

As our Q-ID® codes are authenticated by your consumers with a standard smartphone camera in seconds, end consumers can rest assured that they are protected from counterfeit products this Black Friday and beyond. 

With this consumer-led authentication, Quantum Base and our Q-ID®s are empowering brands and consumers by redefining global product security.

Do you want to protect your brand from counterfeits?

The counterfeit market is growing, and this seasonal spike in counterfeit products will stay in supply chains long after the Black Friday rush is over. Protect your brand, products and consumers with our Q-ID® Optical QR codes.

Our team are on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding our product, and the onboarding process. Get in touch with us, or learn more about our anti-counterfeit solution here.