Dr Alan Gilchrist Biography

Alan is an Associate Professor in Marketing, in the Department of Marketing, Lancaster University Management School. He holds a BA (Philosophy) from Kings College London, an MBA from Salford University Business School, and prior to completion of his PhD in Marketing (Lancaster) in 2008, had developed a ten year career in business to business marketing, sales and change management, focused within the UK banking and telecommunications sectors. In addition, Alan also created, built and co-owned a start up organisation in London, supplying IT professionals to the Finance and Automotive Manufacturing sectors.

His research interests are centred on marketing strategy formulation and implementation, the platform for this work being his strategy consulting work with organisations such as the NHS, and Reebok UK. His research has been published in leading Marketing and Organisational Journals, including, Organization Studies, British Journal of Management, Human Relations, Business History, Industrial Marketing Management, and the European Journal of Management.

Dr Alan Gilchrist