CEO, Phillip Speed Biography

Phill has over twenty-five years experience in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry. He is technologically astute with a mix of excellent customer skills, sound business sense, a genuine interest in technology, and a healthy disrespect for the status quo.

He has a demonstrable track record, and a proven ability to execute at the highest level, developing and winning world’s firsts technology deals into large industry shaping enterprise customers and technology companies globally.

Phill has experience of building and running large technology companies and start-ups. He is able to attract and recruit the very best talent creating an environment where individuals thrive and win.

Comfortable and credible dealing at board level, having successfully won and delivered multi-million pound strategic projects with organisations including, Marks & Spencer, Boots, News International, Reed Elsevier, The Guardian Media Group and Nortel amongst others.

Phill has a proven ability to identify key moments of inflection or market transitions, understanding their significance and the consequences of them, building businesses around them in emerging and evolving markets globally.

He also has a length certificate from Eccles baths, a snake belt in origami and thinks he is funnier than he actually is!

Phillip Speed - CEO