Dr Ben Robinson Biography

Scientific Materials Advisor

Ben is an experimental physicist, his research interests are highly interdisciplinary and concern advanced functional materials, surfaces and interfaces. He holds a prestigious 50th anniversary lectureship in Physics and Functional Materials based within the Physics Department and the new Materials Science Institute at Lancaster University. Ben is an expert in the design, synthesis and characterisation of nanoscale materials and devices including single molecule and nanoscale organic electronic systems and 2D materials and their applications.

Prior to his lectureship Ben was work package leader on successive EU FP7 projects where he pioneered novel nanoscale thermal and mechanical characterisation techniques for 2D and organic materials. He completed his PhD at the University of Wales under the supervision of Prof. G. J. Ashwell participating in internationally-leading research on room temperature single molecule transport, and ultrathin functional organic films realised by Langmuir-Blodgett deposition.

During his Ph.D. Ben was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Andrew N. C. Johnstone memorial prize.

Dr Ben Robinson